Caseing Jess

2016-03-24 13.49.34-1

Hello and welcome to my blog. This week the Global Design Project #028 is Case the Designer and the designer is the talented and gorgeous Jessica Williams. I received this beautiful thank you card from Jess last week – it totally made my day!

20160319_131453Even the envelope looked gorgeous!

20160319_131417So I hope I do justice to Jess’s card this week …

GDP028 Jess Williams CASEThis is the GDP’s CASE definition … “When we say we are CASEing Jess – at the Global Design Project we mean Copy and Selectively Edit. So you might take just one element or many elements from Jessica’s card. It might be the colours, layout, the stamp set used one of the embellishments… whatever you like that inspires you and then make it your own.”

IMG_20160324_134539_wm-1When I’d finished making this card and photographing it yesterday I was feeling quite happy with myself but that was very short lived! I suddenly thought where is our little kitten? I couldn’t find her anywhere and noticed the window onto the deck was open a bit more than I would have opened it. After a tearful hunt around the neighbourhood, calls to the SPCA and the vet I was beginning to wonder how I was going to tell the girls I had lost Peyton! As she’d never been outside and we’d only had her for two weeks we hadn’t needed to call her so I didn’t know what she’d respond to. Then I remembered when I’d started feeding her tinned food I had tapped the tin three times on the bench and she would come running. So I took a tin of food outside and started tapping it on the metal of the trampoline. Then from the corner of my eye I saw a paw and a little face peeking out from under the deck! I was so relieved! It only took another 3 hours to coax her out from under there but that was way better than any of the other scenarios I had envisioned! Here’s the little culprit!

2016-03-12 21.39.22She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!

So now it’s the next day and I’m finally getting to post my card!

I hope you have a Happy Easter – Angela x


8 thoughts on “Caseing Jess

  1. Such a gorgeous card!! It could be so versatile too!! Definitely one I’d like to case!! I’m so pleased you found you kitty cat!! She will keep you on your toes!!


  2. Totally gorgeous and elegant Angela! I love that you’ve kept to the black and white theme. Glad little Peyton (great name) is safe and sound too. Thanks so much for joining in with this week’s Global Design Project and for CASEing my card!


  3. What a sweet wreath with these flowers. I love the monochromatic styling of your card – beautiful! Thank you so much for playing along with this week’s CASE the Designer Challenge at the Global Design Project – I’m glad you did.


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